It is very easy to repair your zipper with ZlideOn! This is how you choose the right ZlideOn, remove the old zipper-slider and clicl on the ZlideOn.

Repair your zipper


Find the right ZlideOn

First you choose the right ZlideOn. There are two ways to do this.

One way is to follow our Step By Step instruction clicking the button below.

Another way is to look at the inscription on the back of your current zipper-slider and search for it using the button Search by Zipper Inscription. Write the inscription without space, for example YKK45. If there is no match it is most likely because we have not matched this kind of zipper to a ZlideOn yet. In that case use the Step By Step Instruction instead.

You can also look at the back of your old zipper-slider. If the number is 3-4 you shall have size XXS-M. If the number is 5 or 7 you shall have L. If the number is 8 you shall have size XL and if it is 10 you shall have size XXL. If you can not find the number on the back you can sometimes find it in the front of the old zipper-slider. You can follow our Step by Step Instruction to see which kind of zipper you have.

If you have bought a multipack and do not know which zipper the different ZlideOns match, look at the inscription on the back of the ZlideOn and use the button Search by Zipper Inscription.

Video instructions

Step by step How to remove and replace a zipper-slider

Cut off the slider to a zipper to be able to repair with ZlideOn. Instruction for how to repair a zipper.

Step 1

First you remove the old zipper-slider. This can be done in several ways. One way is to cut it in the middle with a nipper.

Step 2

Ensure the ZlideOn is open. You open the ZlideOn holding the bottom part still and pull back the puller as far back as possible until the ZlideOn is open. Do not bend it open with a screwdriver or similar as it harm the function of the ZlideOn.

Step 3

Put the ZlideOn on to the zipper. If the zipper is closed somewhere you put it over the zipper where it is closed. If the zipper has a stopper you put it on the side with the larger part of the stopper. If the zipper is not closed or have a stopper you cross the sides and press together the ZlideOn in the cross and hold it closed when you pull up the zipper about 10 cm the first time.

Step 4

Close the ZlideOn pressing the top and bottom part of the ZlideOn together with your fingers. Now your Zipper is repaired and you are ready to go!